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The Importance of Early Reading

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

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November 1st was National Authors Day, and we want to honor our amazing authors here at Platypus Media by sharing their love for reading and why it is so important at a young age.

We all know that reading to our children is important. A child’s reading skills help ensure their success in school, work, and everyday life. From a very young age children have the ability to interpret and process many different pieces of information. Listening and looking at pictures young children enhance their skills and brain development. There are several benefits to reading to your child at a young that will help them become successful little humans:

Reading Helps Build Early Skills

early reading skills young children early education platypus media

The more you read to your child, the more knowledge they absorb, and this helps your child absorb and interpret the world around them. Children love to copy everything that you do, and holding the book, turning the pages, and sounding out the letters and words it will help push your child to do exactly that. They can use the skills that they learned from listening to you to help them when they start to read themselves.

Reading Creates A Bond

reading to young children early education skills platypus media

Reading with your child means more time one-on-one time with your child which strengthens your bond. It creates a special activity that the two of you can share that they will look forward to (and you will too)!

Our Authors' Love of Reading

Dia L. Michaels is the founder of Platypus Media, and the author of our popular books 'Cuddled and Carried' and 'If My Mom Were A Platypus'. A mother of three, Dia knows the importance of starting to read at a young age. She’s an internationally published, award-winning author who is best known for her books about science and parenting. She has authored and edited dozens of books for both children and adults. Dia has a passion for promoting attachment parenting and supporting breast-feeding, which she does through speaking at conferences, universities, libraries, and schools around the country.

phoebe fox childrens author babies nurse platypus media

Phoebe Fox is an award winning author of children’s books, including 'Babies Nurse'. Phoebe has loved reading ever since she was a little girl. Her parents would read to her, her brother and sister every night when she was little. Her first book 'Phoebe’s Birthday' was published in the third grade with the help of her teacher Mrs. Parenza. Phoebe has always had a passion for children and reading. She studied Early Childhood Development as an undergrad, and then moved on to get a Masters Degree in Curriculums and Instruction. When her first son was born she was inspired to pursue her passion and start writing her own books. 'Starry’s Haircut' was the start of her whirlwind writing career. Phoebe loves visiting schools and says reading to children “gives me a unique opportunity to share my books and experiences with students”. Phoebe's dedication and passion for reading and writing stemmed from her experiences as a child, being read to by her parents every night. 

“I adore books, respect children, and believe in the power of reading!” -Phoebe Fox

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