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Looking Back at 2018

2018 is coming to an end, and what a year is was! We would like to ring in the New Year by sharing some of the amazing things that happened here at Platypus Media over the past 12 months.

Out and About

Dia Miichels Platypus Media conferences talks breastfeeding nursing attachment parenting conferences

We attended several conferences and other events, and our own Dia Michels debuted some new talks! Dia spoke frequently to promote her love and support for attachment parenting and breastfeeding at universities, libraries, and conferences around the country, including Gold Lactation, the Child Health Education and Care Summit, BreastfeedLA, and National WIC. You can read about some of Dia's popular talks here.

We have even more exciting conferences and events to attend in 2019! Want to come see us when we're out and about? Check out where we'll be on our 'Come See Us' page!

Breastfeeding and Parenting Resources

Breastfeeding education for children resources nursing downloadable platypus media

Demonstrating our continued commitment to breastfeeding, we designed a free downloadable Breastfeeding Module that identifies strategies parents, librarians, educators, health care providers, and community members can use to educate children about breastfeeding.

We're Growing!

We hired some amazing interns and added some new staff and a social media manager to help with all our exciting projects coming in 2019! We learned a LOT about how different mammals breastfeed and raise their children, and we even started a new blog!

Our new Children's Books

Babies Nurse platypus media breastfeed breastfeeding nursing books book attachment parenting nurturing mammals

This year we launched two new children's books: Babies Nurse and Cuddled and Carried. These two early childhood books from our Beginnings Collection are filled with captivating illustrations and information about the many ways animal mothers care for their babies.

These books demonstrate a wide range of habitats and healthy relationships in the natural world. The elegant text and educational back matter help parents and educators adopt new ways of introducing children to attachment, nurturing, the animal kingdom, breastfeeding, and early science concepts.

Fun with Our Community

This year was a great year for getting out to our communities and sharing all of our amazing experiences and books!

Dia Miichels Platypus Media conferences talks breastfeeding nursing attachment parenting conferences

We met so many of you who share our mission and enjoy our books and resources. 2018 was a year chock full of adventures and experiences for the staff here at Platypus Media. We went all around the country to festivals and expos to introduce our books to families, educators, and book lovers. We love getting out there and sharing our love and dedication to breastfeeding and families, and we have many upcoming opportunities to continue to make a difference in 2019!

What are some of your favorite memories from 2018? Share them in the comments! We wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

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