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Thank you for your interest in Platypus Media. We publish a handful of books each year, yet we are always looking for manuscripts that promote the attachment values we espouse. We are eager to review manuscripts for healthcare professionals, parents or children. We are looking for books that help support family life through education, positive images and role models, and entertainment.

Platypus Media encourages books dealing with ethnic and cultural diversity in a lighthearted way that reflects the special relationships that can contribute to building close-knit, well-grounded families.

If you are submitting a manuscript, please include:

• a cover letter explaining your interest in the topic,
• a brief autobiography,
• some or all of the manuscript (depending on its length), and
• a marketing assessment letting us know what books on the subject are currently available, how your book is different, and how you envision reaching the intended audience.

Illustrators should email their portfolio or send copies of artwork for consideration. No art will be returned. We are particularly interested in artists who can draw realistic images of mothers and babies, both in the human and mammal world.

We accept electronic and physical submissions. Please be aware that we are a small company and response times may vary from a few weeks to a few months.

Authors and Illustrators should send physical submissions to:

Submissions Editor
Platypus Media, LLC
750 First Street, NE

Suite 700
Washington DC 20002

Electronic submissions should be sent to

With questions, please email

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