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Beginnings Collection

A collaboration between Platypus Media and Science Naturally to inspire conversations about nature, science, and families.

Scientific curiosity begins in childhood. Exposure to animals and their environments—whether in nature or in a book—is often at the root of a child’s interest in science. Young Jane Goodall loved to observe the wildlife near her home, a passion that inspired her groundbreaking chimpanzee research. Charles Turner, pioneering entomologist, spent hours reading about ants and other insects in the pages of his father’s books. Rachel Carson began writing stories about squirrels when she was eight. Spark curiosity in a child and watch them develop a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.


These stunningly illustrated, information-packed titles introduce youngsters to the wonderful world of animals, and, by extension, to themselves. They encourage children to make real-world connections that sharpen their analytical skills and give them a head start in STEM. Reading these titles together inspires children to think about how each species matures, what they need to survive, and what their communities look like—whether pride, flock, or family.


More than a simple scientific introduction, these animal stories are an instance and an analogy of caring love. Showing children attachment in the natural world fosters empathy, kindness, and compassion in both their interpersonal and interspecies interactions.


An easy choice for the home, library, or classroom, our Beginnings collection has something to spark or sustain budding curiosity in any child.

Titles in the Collection include:

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