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Global Day of Parents

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Parents are the unsung heroes in everyday life. From the very moment of their child’s birth, they become role models, mentors, and teachers. The Global Day of Parents, on June 1, serves to recognize the hard work parents do around the world and emphasizes the important role parents play in the lives of their children.


According to the United Nations, the Global Day of Parents was designated in 2012 by the General Assembly. The proclamation was one in a series of many actions geared towards recognizing and raising awareness about the importance of family. The United Nation’s focus on family began during the 1980’s, culminating with a declaration in 1983 that 1994 would be the International Year of the Family. Later, in 1993, May 15 was designated the International Day of Families.

Global Day of Parents parenting secure attachment celebrate family

The Importance of Family

Parents play a crucial role in nurturing and developing a child—which is not an easy job! Family is where a child is first introduced to language, morals, emotions, and more. According to the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington, children learn through imitation. Because children are around their parents for so much of their life, they adopt many of their behaviors and values from their parents. This means that even when parents are not focused on educating or playing with their child, they are still teaching them. If a child’s foundation is solid they have a better chance of having successful relationships with others later in life. Raising a child is difficult, but it is extremely rewarding and one of the most important jobs in the world.

How to Celebrate?

Think of all the parents you know in your community; now think of how many people exist in the world. Families may look different across various cultures, or even in your own neighborhood, but everyone in the world has parents or parental figures who look out for them, care for them, and help them through life’s troubles. This means that celebrations for the Global Day of Parents are also diverse!

Global Day of Parents parenting secure attachment celebrate family

If you’re searching for ideas on how to celebrate, think about what makes your parents happy, relaxed, or entertained. If your family loves to be outside, gather the materials for a picnic and spend some time with nature. A movie or game night could be the perfect way to get your parents to relax or laugh after a stressful day working. Long distance? Even a phone call or a post-card can be a way to make your parents smile.

The Many Kinds of Parents

The Beginnings Collection is designed to introduce children to the world of science through exploring animals and their environments. Celebrate Global Parents Day by looking at parents in the animal world!

Babies Nurseinspires conversations about parenting, biology, habitats, survival, and more with wonderful illustrations and engaging text. Both parents and children will enjoy the compelling facts about 13 different mammal babies.

If My Mom Were a Platypus educates children about mammal mothers and the various ways they protect, raise, and nurture their young. While they learn about the world around them, they’ll also be learning more about themselves and their own mothers!

Visit the Beginnings page for more information.

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