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Give Gifts that Keep on Giving this Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time, and we all want to get the perfect gift for the people we love! Seeing bright smiles on our loved ones' faces after receiving a present always brings joy, but finding that perfect gift isn't always easy.

holiday gift ideas holidays stocking stuffers books book reading christmas

Giving the gift of reading is something you and your loved ones can enjoy throughout the holiday season and beyond. Whether you are a new family, a bilingual family, and/or an animal lover, our selection of books and activities will fill your loved one's face with joy!

Gift Ideas for Bilingual Families Looking for the perfect gift for a bilingual family, or want to help your child learn a new language? We offer beautifully illustrated bilingual books that make wonderful gifts for language learners and/or bilingual young children and their parents.

cuddled and carried platypus media animal lover parents attachment parenting gift idea holiday holidays stocking stuffer Christmas

Cuddled and Carried / Consentido y cargado and Babies Nurse / Así se alimentan los bebés introduce your little one to the themes of breastfeeding, biology, survival, and the natural world. These books inspire conversations about families - whether it's in English, Spanish, Dutch, or Hebrew!

 "My 5 and 6 year olds were captivated by the message and beautiful images. I strongly recommend this book!”
—José Avilés, Head of School, Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School, Wilmington, Delaware, on Cuddled and Carried

Cuddled and Carried also offers a downloadable Teachers Guide that helps parents, librarians, educators, and healthcare providers creatively introduce these themes and helps develop your child's curious mind. If My Mom Were a Platypus is available in Spanish, Dutch, and Hebrew and teaches about breastfeeding, birth, and families through the eyes of 14 different species (including humans)!

Gift Ideas for New Families

Nothing is better than spending time with family during the holiday season, and we have put together a selection of some of our favorite family books in our New Family Gift Guide! Our array of books for first-time parents will create the perfect gift for your partner and you. From co-sleeping to breastfeeding, these selections are terrific resources for any parent.

breastfeeding facts for fathers breastfeeding dads dad gift ideas new families holiday holidays stocking stuffers parents parenting christmas

"Becoming a dad is a wonderful journey. It does, however, require learning new skills. Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers is great set of training wheels. Enjoy the ride!"
—Gregory Long, New Parent Educator and Full-time Dad

Sleeping with your Baby informs, reassures, and defends the potential benefits of co-sleeping, and talks about how to co-sleep safely. Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers is a great stocking stuffer for Dad, and shows the pivotal role he plays in raising a healthy new baby. This book comes in a fun-filled booklet or a soft-covered edition with a stitched binding.

Each of these booklets are the perfect gift to bring families together during the holidays!

Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Do you have a young animal lover in your life? We have the perfect gift suggestions in our Animal Lovers Gift Guide!

Cuddled and Carried, Babies Nurse, and If My Mom Were a Platypus offer a world full of science and nature all in one.

Babies Nurse platypus media breastfeeding family families gift ideas gifts holiday holidays stocking stuffers christmas

These books teach your child about the beauty of life through themes of biology, survival, and the natural world. If My Mom Were a Platypus also provides your child with an inside look at your role as a parent and how you love, feed, and protect them!

“It is extremely important for children to learn that nursing is natural and normal. With its gorgeous illustrations, Babies Nurse beautifully represents the art of breastfeeding.”
—Katie Finney, R.N., NICU Nurse

These books bring out the animal lover in people of all ages. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of families and the animal kingdom while flipping through these gorgeously illustrated pages!

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