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These vibrant, hardcover books pique children’s interest in the world around them. With stunning photographs and rhythmic text, we share a kid’s-eye-view of the objects around us. Join in as Baby, and her loving family, observe close-up clues, then guess where they are. With a turn of the page, the details are revealed. After each exciting week’s adventures, Baby ends up safe and warm in a family member’s arms. Rich visual appeal, repetitive dialogue, cleverly hidden objects and picture associations intrigue and challenge toddlers. Make “Look What I See!” the most popular phrase in your family!


In this four-title series about a family, Dia L. Michels focuses on Baby. Baby is on the go—accompanied by her loving family—in a variety of situations that the youngest reader can identify from close-up clues. An older child will love the guessing game aspect of the book, while the youngest child will be content to "read" the pictures of the adventures of a very little person—just like herself.

Look What I See! Series Set

SKU: 978-1-930775-85-5

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