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museum of science testimonial platypus meda

Platypus Media books have the exuberant, classy look that people expect in museum-quality books. The Look What I See! series is a perfect match for our Children's Discovery Center, and If My Mom Were a Platypus gives our young visitors just the information they need to reinforce what they have seen in the museum.

-Linda Dunphy,

 Museum of Science, Boston

Platypus Media has created vibrant children's books...these stories not only promote literacy--they promote families!

-William Sears, MD, 

 Author, The Attachment Parenting Book

librarian testimonial Platypus Media

Platypus Media books give us a fun way to help meet curriculum objectives in reading, science, language arts and social studies. The kids love them-- and the free curriculum-based Activity Guides available at do a lot of the work for us!

-Catherine Pfeiffer,

 School Librarian, Capitol Hill Cluster Schools, Washington, DC

Caring parents should be delighted with the low-key style of these books and the gentle way they foster love and respect between parent and child. You can count on the sign of the platypus to please the child and draw a family together.

-Margeruitte Kelly

 Author, The Mother's Almanac

The Mother's Almanac testimonial Platypus Media
Maria Salvatore testimonial Platypus Media

What's really exciting about this line of books is that children from every background can relate to them. Platypus Media books have captured the values of close-knit families from many different perspectives.

-Maria Salvadore

 Children's Literature Specialist, Washington, DC

Breastfeeding is indeed a family affair and the Platypus Media books acknowledge the importance of Dad and brothers and sisters to the nursing mother and baby. Each book portrays the breastfeeding family in true-to-life situations that provide practical examples of loving guidance in a context that is both inspiring and fun for all.

-Marian Tompson

 Co-founder, La Leche League, International

La Leche League Testimonial Platypus Media
Hidden Feelins of Motherhood Kathleen Kendall Testimonial Platypus Media

Parents who are responsive to their children's needs often find themselves swimming upstream against the culture. Platypus Media books encourage parents as they create families that are close-knit. Through sharing stories, Platypus Media is building a caring community where children and parents alike can thrive.

-Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC

 Author, The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood

There's more to good health than regular check-ups. Security, love and caring boost any child's chance at a lifetime of well-being. The values portrayed in Platypus Media Books are just what the doctor ordered!

-Milton Werthmann, Jr., MD

 Neonatologist and Director, Pediactric Center

Milton Werthma pediatric doctor testimonial Playtypus Media
Mocha Moms Jolene Ivey Testimonial Platypus Media

For parents who want the very best for their children, breastfeeding is the place to start. Since not every family has a breastfeeding tradition, I use Platypus Media books to inform families - from a variety of perspectives - how breastfeeding can be incorporated into daily lives. Every family member can see how closeness pays off.

-Jolene Ivey,

 Founder and Co-President, Mocha Moms

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