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Keep your baby safe with these important guides for families.


Worried about the effects of your allergy or acid reflux medications on your breastfeeding baby? Want to enjoy a couple drinks, use CBD oil, or even put on bug spray, but don’t know if they’re safe for the baby? And what about cosleeping? Want to ensure the safest sleeping arrangement for your family?

Our medical authorities have the answers you need! Expert pharmacist Dr. Frank J. Nice provides information on what over-the-counter medications and other consumer products are safe for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. The Breastfeeding Family's Guide to Nonprescription Drugs and Everyday Products provides the information you need to make safe decisions about more than 1,700 different consumer products, from cough medicine to energy drinks.


Dr. James J. McKenna, a globally recognized cosleeping authority, shares the evidence-based data about maternal and child sleep in Safe Infant Sleep. This guide to the benefits of cosleeping (when practiced safely) also introduces “breastsleeping,” a bedsharing technique based on the fundamental biological connection between breastfeeding and infant sleep

Keeping Your Baby Safe Book Set

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