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Throughout history and across cultures, sleeping with your baby has been the norm, yet today the practice is fraught with questions, fear, and guilt. Parents are left exhausted, and those who cherish the closeness of cosleeping find themselves doubting their parental instincts.


In Safe Infant Sleep, a globally recognized cosleeping authority breaks down the complicated political and social aspects of sleep safety and counters common misconceptions with hard science. This book shares the latest scientific research on the benefits of cosleeping, offers guidelines for a variety of safe sleeping arrangements, and introduces “breastsleeping,” a bedsharing technique based on the fundamental biological connection between breastfeeding and infant sleep.


From bedsharing to roomsharing, and everything in between, Dr. James J. McKenna helps you determine how cosleeping can meet your family’s unique needs. Complete with resource lists for parents and professionals, this book educates, informs, reassures, and validates the most natural way for your baby to sleep––with you. 


Now available in Spanish.

Safe Infant Sleep: Expert Answers to Your Cosleeping Questions

  • Product type Paperback (eBook available)
    Pages 288

    Paperback: 978-1-930775-76-3

    Publication date January 14, 2020

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