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Booklet answers frequently asked questions about breastfeeding; lists benefits for the mother, baby and community; provides breastfeeding rates; information on mammal lactation and breastfeeding and the law; resource list and more.


Over 20 charts, tables and illustrations, fully referenced. A fact-filled breast-feeding overview in a handy format!

Breastfeeding at a Glance: Facts, Figures, and Trivia About Lactation

SKU: 978-1-930775-05-3
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    Full-color cover

    b&w interior

    Soft Cover, stapled, 

    Pages 24
    ISBN 978-1-930775-05-3 
    Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5" 
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    Language English
    Publication Date January 2005


  • "I don't go anywhere without my copy of Breastfeeding At A Glance! As a person who speaks to the press on a daily basis, I rely on materials that are thorough, factual, and meaningful. The authors answer the questions people want to know about breastfeeding, but what makes this little booklet invaluable is that every section is fully referenced. Anyone who wants to speak with authority on lactation needs a copy of this booklet."
    -Mary Lofton, Director of Public Relations
    Le Leche League, International


    "Leaders are sometimes asked to give short talks that give an overview of breastfeeding, including relevant statistics such as breastfeeding rates around the world, the cost of breastfeeding versus formula feeding, or the percentage of fat in human milk. This great booklet provides these statistics at your fingertips and includes more fascinating trivia as well."
    -Sara D. Furr
    Leaven October/November 2002


    "Breastfeeding At A Glance is a wonderful compendium of lactation data that could be useful to Leaders when planning speeches, writing letters to the editor, or for use in a Series Meeting (particularly Series Meeting #1). This booklet would also make a good gift for a newly pregnant mother who is considering breastfeeding. The information in the booklet is relevant, accurate, and compelling, and would likely be appreciated most by women who are logical and fact-oriented in their approach to decision-making. With its concise format and brevity, it can be read in about an hour."

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