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Bedsharing can help the whole family feel good and be better rested. Most breastfeeding mothers around the world sleep with their babies, yet modern beds are designed for adult comfort, not infant safety.

When the baby is sleeping separately from the mother, she responds to her baby’s needs in minutes; if they are bedsharing, the mother responds in seconds—thus there is less dis­ruption to everyone’s sleep. The Benefits of Bedsharing features a variety of mothers and fathers cosleeping at home, as well as in hospital environments. Examples of risky situations reinforce the importance of creating a safe bedsharing environment.


The DVD includes the same program as the VHS PLUS full chapter navigation, slide show, and a still frame library…excellent for parent trainers and child care Professionals.

The Benefits of Bedsharing

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  • By Dr. Helen Ball, Sally Inch and Marion Copeland
    DVD, 15 minutes, Plus Extra Materials

  • "The Benefits of Bedsharing is an accurate, scientifically-based presentation of how to bedshare safely with baby. With excellent narration and graphical representations, this DVD summarizes the worldwide research findings, revealing distinct advantages for breastfeeding mothers who bedshare, and includes specific descriptions and pictures of what is safe and what is not. Talk about Evidenced-Based Medicine, it doesn't get any better than this!"
    -Edmund P. Joyce
     C.S.C. Chair in Anthropology and
     Director, Mother-Infant Behavioral Sleep Laboratory
     University of Notre Dame


    "Finally, a video that provides clear information on the benefits of bedsharing with our children. This has been the way of raising children for thousands of years, and now, we get to choose it, too!"
    -Jan Tritten
     Founder and Editor, Midwifery Today

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