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A charming baby dozes during each of her family's outings. Wakened by the sounds and smells of the places where different animals reside, Baby opens her eyes and sees a lively detail—an eye, an ear, a hoof, a head in this beautifully photographed book. Help Baby solve the mysteries of this guessing game book filled with beautiful photographs. Where would she see a dolphin's face? Where would she see the furry ears of a German shepherd pup? Celebrates the fun of exploring new places, the excitement of seeing real animals, and the joy of bringing home a new pet.

Look What I See! Where Can I Be? With My Animal Friends

SKU: 978-1-930775-07-7
  • Product Type

    Jacketed Hardback

    Full Color

    Pages 32
    ISBN 978-1-930775-07-7
    Dimensions 8.25" x 8.25"
    Age Range 0-4
    Grade Range  
    Language  English
    Publication Date January 2005


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