Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers



Choosing to support breastfeeding is one of the most important decisions a father can make. Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers helps new dads understand the pivotal role they play in raising a healthy, thriving child.

This fact-packed, fun-filled booklet for new dads answers questions about breastfeeding and becoming a parent.


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Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers

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    January 2005

    2nd Edition March 2009

    3rd Edition January 2017


  • "Partner support of a breastfeeding mother is one of the most important factors in breastfeeding success. Written in a clear, straightforward format, with brief one-page sections, this short book is a valuable book indeed. Providing breastfeeding information specific to fathers, Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers supports the healthy development of father, mother, and baby."
    -Mary Remmer, MSW, CCCE,


    "This short booklet provides the necessary information for a father to feel informed, involved, and supportive with breastfeeding. Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, with a list of resources for those wanting more information, Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers is simple, inviting, and just what fathers need."
    - Edward Para, ILCA
    Father of six breastfed children, including twins)


    "There is no replacement for a father's understanding and support for his partner; and there is no replacement for the bonding and health benefit a child receives from breastfeeding. Becoming a dad is a wonderful journey. It does, however, require learning new skills. Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers is great set of training wheels. Enjoy the ride!"
    - Gregory Long
    New Parent Educator and Full-time Dad


    "Finally, a quick guide to breastfeeding for dads! Breastfeeding is one of the most important and satisfying things you can do for your baby. It is not always easy for today's busy moms, so make the right choice, give breastfeeding your full support, and give your kid the best advantage in life!"
    -James di Properzio, Author
    The Baby Bonding Book for Dads


    "This high-spirited little book will be sure to appeal to dads. The information is accurate and the presentation is a lot of fun! Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers makes my job educating families easier!"
    - Joseph DiSanto, MD
    Brandywine Pediatrics, Wilmington, DE


    "Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers is a fact-packed and fun-filled book for new dads. Questions about the mysterious world of breast milk are answered with precision and panache. This booklet is a must-have for obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives, and new parents."
    - Milton Werthmann, Jr., MD
    Neonatologist and Pediatrician, McLean, VA


    "After reading Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers, dads will be empowered to say, "Breastfeeding is best for my baby." It is an excellent guide that supports the unique relationship a father has in doing what is best for his baby, the baby's mother, and for his relationship with his child. Breastfeeding Facts for Fathersshould be required reading for all expectant fathers and mothers!"
    - Tim Tobolic, MD
    Byron Family Medicine, PC


    "Fathers often become disengaged from their newborns’ lives when they feel they don’t have the skills they need to be involved fathers. Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers is a resource that will help give dads those skills so that they can become connected, heart to heart with their children right from the start. When that happens, dads, moms, and especially children win."
    - Roland C. Warren, President
    National Fatherhood Initiative


    "I think this would be a great resource for all fathers, but especially young mothers and young fathers; often we have adolescent parents who need additional information to improve their parenting skills and knowledge. Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers helps both parents understand the benefits for infants that breastfeeding can provide."
    - James Rodríguez, MSW
    CEO/President, Fathers and Families Coalition of America