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Nothing is more joyous for a woman than discovering she is carrying a new life. Even though day to day life is largely the same during pregnancy, the reality is that every decision that a pregnant mom makes affects two people. How she takes care of herself and her baby is crucial for the health of the infant. Good care can help prevent premature births and drastically improve the chances that your baby will develop in a healthy manner.


Grow a Healthy Baby/Keep a Healthy Baby is a dual-sided instructional booklet that assists moms in taking the necessary measures to promote a healthy pregnancy and keep her newborn healthy. Written in a clear, concise, easy to read format with gorgeous full color images of multicultural moms, it is as engaging as it is accessible. Grow a Healthy Baby/Keep a Healthy Baby is 12 pages long and available in both English and Spanish.


Moms learn simple dos and don’ts that will increase their chances of giving birth to a healthy baby and then keeping that baby healthy. The booklet discusses prenatal care, diet and nutrition, preparing for the baby’s arrival, and preventing prematurity. Moms learn about the multitude of professionals and experts available to assist them and how their communities can offer support. It also features advice on breastfeeding, sleeping, and post-partum depression.


Grow a Healthy Baby/Keep a Healthy Baby includes tips on:
   • Preparing for the newest member of the family!
   • The benefits of breastfeeding… for both mother and child!
   • Creating the safest and most comfortable sleeping environment for the baby!
   • Recognizing and dealing with the “baby blues!”

Grow a Healthy Baby / Keep a Healthy Baby

SKU: 978-1-930775-59-6
  • Product type Dual-sided paperback
    Pages 12
    ISBN 978-1-930775-59-6 
    Dimensions 5½ × 8½" 
    Age Range  
    Grade Range  
    Language English


  • “Grow a Healthy Baby / Keep a Healthy Baby is the perfect starting point for all first time mothers! This double-sided booklet is attractive, accurate and accessible. From the importance of early pre-natal care through those crucial first months of life, this booklet empowers new moms to make good choices. It is a wonderful asset for women on their journey into motherhood.”
    —Patrick Meehan MD, Medical Director,
    Santa Cruz Women's Health Center

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