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Breastfeeding is a learned skill, like driving a car or riding a bike, and mothers need to be taught to do it for themselves from the very first feed as soon after delivery as is possible. Teaching how to breastfeed and showing why in a consistent way, will help to overcome problems of conflicting advice.


The breastfeeding technique featured in this film was developed in Bristol and is based on a physiological approach of helping mothers overcome difficult breastfeeding problems and has evolved through clinical experience. It shows the most efficient way for a baby to feed, and by teaching the basic principles of good positioning, most problems can be prevented.


The UK's best loved Breastfeeding training video. DVD includes full chapter navigation, slide show, a still frame library, and twenty preview clips of other popular Mark-It Television titles.

Breatfeeding: A Guide to Successful Positioning

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$49.00 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
  • By Dr. Jenny Ingram
    DVD, 12 minutes, Plus Extra Materials $19.95
    (Bulk pricing available)

  • Also available in Spanish

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