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When babies fail to latch after birth, many mothers are left with a feeling of failure and great disappointment. Three mothers share their experiences of success and determination to give their babies breast milk. This film highlights the current research and support required enabling mothers and partners, breastfeeding helpers, lay groups and professionals to ensure breastfeeding success.


The film focuses on:

  • Importance of Skin-to-skin delivery
  • Mothers Patience, perseverance and determination
  • 'Kangaroo care'
  • Early expression of breast milk
  • Pipette and Cup Feeding
  • Co-bathing


The DVD includes full chapter navigation, slide show, a still frame library, and twenty preview clips of other popular Mark-It Television titles.

Breastfeeding: When Babies Fail to Latch

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  • By Carol Barker, RN, RM, ADM, DPSM, IBCLC
    DVD, 24 minutes, Plus Extra Materials $19.95
    (Bulk pricing available)

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