Breastfeeding: Coping with Crisis

Most people don't expect to have disaster befall them. Whether act of war, economic crisis, or natural disaster, numerous unfortunate realities can bring life as we know it to a halt. New parents have more than enough to worry about even without such catastrophes. The added stress of an unexpected emergency can be especially overwhelming for parents who are already frazzled. Someone needs to help them deal with the crippling fear they experience in an emergency.


Breastfeeding: Coping With Crisis reassures new mothers and teaches them how to prepare for and deal with crises—without sacrificing care of their babies. This attractive, full-color, easy-to-read pamphlet explains that breastfeeding is important for both moms and babies, especially during hard times. Moms learn that breastfeeding provides tremendous physical and psychological benefits. The information in this pamphlet is crucial for all parents interested in protecting their families in an uncertain world.


No one hopes to find herself in a desperate situation, but knowing you can take care of your child when an emergency hits can help you and your infant survive.


Breastfeeding: Coping With Crisis is a must-read for clients of:

   • OB/GYNs, pediatricians and family doctors
   • Midwives
   • Lactation consultants
   • WIC counselors
   • Social workers
• Emergency professionals

Breastfeeding: Coping with Crisis

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