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June 26, 2018

We're excited to announce that Platypus Media has partnered with the American Federation of Teacher's Share My Lesson to make our free resources available to educators everywhere. Click below to browse hundreds of incredible resources. 

GOLD Lactation Conference

April 10, 2017

This year, Dia was invited to give a talk on the relationship between the word gap and the breastfeeding gap at GOLD Lactation's annual online breastfeeding conference.  

Each child is born with the same capacity to learn as the next, however not every child lives up to this potential. Can we tackle this ever-widening gap at the beginning of a child’s life? We can by focusing on the word gap, the differential in the number of words children in different socio-economic groups hear in the first 1000 days; which equals over 30 million words a year. This talk explored not only different ways healthcare professionals can help families overcome the word gap, but also demonstrated the very real connection between the word gap and the breastfeeding gap.

The Benefit of Bilingual Reading

August 01, 2016

Parents interested in raising global citizens, who want to prepare their children for an increasingly global job market, and who value multilingualism, are committed to raising kids who speak more than one language—and they are doing their kids a favor! Experts agree that early exposure to multiple languages has tremendous advantages. Having a solid foundation before kids enter grade school is the best way to learn a language and retain it. 

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