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New Parent Reading Bundle

Price: $39.95

Our "New Parent Reading Bundle" contains six entertaining and educational resources to help mom and dad understand how they can grow and keep a healthy baby.

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We Love Our Family Reading Bundle

Price: $44.95

Whether they are the youngest, oldest, middle, or only, kids will have no shortage of fun with this award-winning, six-book set. These warm and engaging books help kids explore their important role in the family.

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Mammals, Mommy, and Me Book Set

Price: $29.95

This three-book collection is the perfect way to share the world of animals with your family.

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Look What I See! Series

Price: $34.95

In this four-title series about a family, Dia L. Michels focuses on Baby. Baby is on the go - accompanied by her loving family - in a variety of situations that the youngest reader can identify from close-up clues. An older child will love the guessing game aspect of the book, while the youngest child will be content to "read" the pictures of the adventures of a very little person - just like herself.

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Sibling Book Set

Price: $24.95

Siblings play a unique role in one another’s lives. Whether your child is the first born, a middle child or the baby, this Sibling Set fosters a child’s sense of self and helps them feel secure in their role in the family.

Products Contained in this Bundle

I Was Born to Be a Brother/Sister GIFT SET

Price: $14.95

Perfect gift for families, children or library collections. Each CD contains six tracks of story narration and original songs for siblings to enjoy!

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Breastfeeding Booklet Set

Price: $9.95

Get both booklets for a special discount price! Breastfeeding at a Glance and Breastfeeding Facts for Fathers. Perfect for new parents!

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