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STEM Grant Proposal and Standards Articulation

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Use these documents to bring books into your organization!

Our STEM Grant Proposal helps you bring books into your institution at incredible prices!
Our STEM Grant Summary provides an overview of the STEM Foundation Grant Proposal.
All book content correlates to the national science and math standards. Articulation available.

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For more information, please read our Parenting Publications of American article.

"Name that Mammal" at AAAS Family Science Days, St. Louis, 2006

Two children learn about the different mammal classifications with the help of Snugglepuss.

classifications get more specific as Dia demonstrates different aspects
of the mammal world with the help of her child volunteers!

Dia and Snugglepuss answer any remaining audience questions.

Pati Sievert (far right), Physics Educator at Northern Illinois University, and a member of the Advisory Committee for 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science
enjoying the AAAS show in St. Louis with Akaela Michels-Gualtieri (far
left, Dia Michels's daughter) and Sarah Sievert (Pati Sievert's
daughter) who taught the kids hands-on science at the Platypus Media
Family Science Days booth.

If I Were a Platypus on ABC Radio National

If My Mom Were a Platypus on ABC Radio National
Dia Michels wants to be a platypus. She explains why to Robyn Williams

Presenter: Robyn Williams
Producer: Polly Rickard and David Fisher
Saturday 4 March 2006

Program Transcript
Robyn Williams:

I'm talking to Dia Michels at the AAAS, and you belong to Platypus
Media but you're not Australian. Why are you writing about platypuses?

Dia Michels:
I'm basically obsessed with them and the reason is because I always
wanted kids and so when I got to the point where I was going to have
kids I found out that I hated the pregnancy, I hated childbirth, it was
horrible, it was horrible, horrible. I lost 22 lbs in my first
pregnancy before things turned, I was miserable. So I went on this
journey to find out if I could be any other mammal what I would be. And
it turns out that this platypus, which is considered a primitive mammal
by people who think they're smart, is the superior creature when it
comes to birth and breastfeeding. And so this has become part of my
persona and every time I get pregnant I think about being a platypus,
and so I'm very close to these animals.

Click here to view full program manuscript.
Click here to listen to interview.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History’s Mammals Fest

Mational Museum for Women in the ArtsMational Museum for Women in the Arts

and her pal, Snugglepus, entertained kids with stories of mammal
survival at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History’s Mammals Fest on
April 2, 2005. Staff from Platypus Media ran a hands-on family science
table and organizers from Reading is Fundamental (RIF) led story time
events, including one by Dia, as part of the festivities.

National Museum for Women in the Arts

National Museum for Women in the ArtsMational Museum for Women in the Arts

Dia teaches 2 groups of kids about Chinese New Year and reads Look What I See! Where Can I Be? Visiting China
at the National Museum for Women in the Arts in February 2005. After
the reading, the families show off the arts and crafts they made.

AAAS Annual Meeting

AAAS Annual Meeting

People from all over lined up to get their hands on a
platypus at this year's AAAS Annual Meeting!

All-One-Family International in Chico, CA

All-in-One-Family International

Dia and the wonderful folks at All-One-Family International in Chico, CA.
In Jan. 05, Dia visited this program where she read
Look What I See! Where Can I Be? With My Animal Friends.

DC WIC Family Picnic

BF Picnic

Dia reads to kids at the DC WIC Family Picnic, Fall 2003.