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This bilingual favorite is coming soon in Bengali!


Babies—whether in snowy dens, warm lagoons, cozy nests, or living rooms—are carried and cuddled, nurtured and nuzzled. Stunning images and gentle verse, translated by Shahnoor Islam, will capture the curiosity of even the youngest readers as they see how animal mothers tend to their cubs, pups, calves, and chicks.


Beautiful images introduce the reader to attachment in the natural world. Watching mothers lend a paw, wing, flipper, or hand to care for their young fosters empathy, kindness, and compassion. Supplemental back matter and a free Teacher's Guide helps parents, librarians, educators, and healthcare providers creatively describe care-taking, while introducing a range of early science concepts.

Cuddled and Carried /

                     আদরে ও আলিঙ্গনে

Coming July 2021

Size: 6 x 8  | Page count: 32 | Age range: 0-4


Paperback: $8.95  |  eBook: $7.99

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-951995-01-0 | eBook ISBN: 978-1-951995-06-5

Free downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

English and Bilingual (Spanish) versions also available in both paperback and hardback.

Preorder and Press Release Coming Soon!
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what the experts say...

“A simple and direct reflection of the role of a mother in raising a child. Whether human or animal, a mother always wants her child to grow up with the utmost care, attention, and safety. There will be a remnant of a mother’s affection and deep feelings for the child forever.”


—Monirul Islam, Art Educator, New York City Department of Education

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About the Author

Author Dia L. Michels is an internationally published, award-winning science and parenting writer who is committed to promoting attachment parenting. She has authored or edited over a dozen books for both children and adults. She can be reached at

and Illustrator

Ilustrator Mike Speiser’s artwork has been featured on the covers of Wild Animal Baby magazine and in the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. He is involved with efforts to protect the natural world for future generations. He can be reached at

and Translator

Translator Shahnoor Islam is a Bangladeshi-American who has worked for Queens Public Library since 2005. She is the Supervising Librarian/Cataloger at Metadata Services, TSD. Shahnoor lives in Queens, NY with her husband and two children, Ariana and Arshan. This is her first book translation. She can be reached at

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