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The first book in the adorable My First Science Textbook series coming soon in a bilingual English/Bengali edition!



Atoms are the essential building blocks for everything in the universe. From the water you drink, to the hair on your head, and the book in your hands—they're all made out of the exact same atoms! Basic chemistry has never been such fun.


Learn about some of the most fundamental concepts in science BEFORE the social pressure and intimidation of formal schooling. This book introduces subatomic particles, the nucleus, elements, the periodic table, chemical symbols, molecules, covalent and ionic bonds, and more. Let your imagination roam while you and your kiddo ponder what it’s like to live inside an atom!

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Concepts covered in this book include:

  • atoms

  • elements

  • molecules

  • The Periodic Table

  • states of matter

  • nucleus

  • isotopes

  • fission

Coming July 2021

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-938492-61-7

32 pages • Size: 8 x 8"• $12.95


Grades: 0–2 • Ages: 2–7

Also available:

eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-62-4

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What the experts are saying:

“A great way to introduce atoms and chemical elements to young children, who will be amazed that these tiny units make everything around us! Beautiful illustrations, colorful chemical charts, and the bilingual feature will make this book even more attractive to young readers.”

—Momin Uddin, Environmental Scientist, Expedited Environmental

About the Author

Harriet Kim Anh Rodis began illustrating books at the age of seventeen and has been a part of several publications since. She dedicates her career to her dad, who has supported her and her love of books, and who has encouraged her to pursue illustration. She lives in the Philippines.

& the Illustrator


Mary Wissinger was born in Wisconsin where she spent most of her childhood singing, reading, and daydreaming. She dove into storytelling through acting, singing, and writing. A former teacher, she can now be found at her standing desk in St. Louis, MO, writing stories that inspire curiosity about the world and connection with others. She is the author of the entire Science Wide Open Series: Women in Biology, Women in Chemistry, and Women in Physics. To learn more about Mary, you can check out her website,

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Translator Shahnoor Islam is a Bangladeshi-American who has worked for Queens Public Library since 2005. She is the Supervising Librarian/Cataloger at Metadata Services, TSD. Shahnoor lives in Queens, NY with her husband and two children, Ariana and Arshan. This is her first book translation. She can be reached at


& the Translator

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